Johnny FPV™ LUTS (PRO Edition) Free Download

Produced in partnership Involving Johnny FPV and Jake Irish, these LUTs were designed to meet and exceed the requirements of their expert filmmaking market. This really is a true end to finish coloring product constructed for professionals, and compatible with most cameras. The color tables (LUTs) contained have helped Johnny bring his work to life for customers like Porsche, Honda, the Abu Dhabi Tourism Board, Ford, Toyota, Audi, Red Bull, and much more. All these LUTs have played a huge part in Jake Irish’s livelihood also. Jake has closely engineered these LUTs within the previous 7 decades, allowing his job to be noticed and bringing him a place as direct editor/videographer to get Beautiful Islands. Wish to determine exactly how these LUTs seem? View our Johnny FPV STUDIO or choose a Look at Johnny’s newest videos on YouTube; Cinematic FPV & Sandscape! Additionally, have a look at Jake Irish’s Instagram page to get more video examples employing these LUTs. All our videos have been edited with Johnny FPV LUTs!

Some great features of Johnny FPV™ LUTS:

What is included?
  • 75 professionally constructed LUTs
  • 6 Principal LUTs – around 11 vulnerability variants of every
  • 6 Limited Edition”Sandscape” LUTs out of Johnny’s most recent video. Engineered for both LOG and RAW color profiles like RED Raw and Panasonic VLOG, CLOG, SLOG, and a Lot More.
  • Custom Engineered Conversion LUTs – Reach perfect color tones. Our purpose is to provide the maximum quality conversion LUTs in contrast to other brand name conversion LUTs.
  • A comprehensive, step-by-step manual – You will quickly understand how to use our own LUTs and get their entire potential. Our tutorials permit you to view and replicate the exact same exact colors we reach. We describe everything in our post about Main LUTs in combination with our Conversion LUTs. Our way is set up really especially so as to completely change your footage into the ideal color tones.
  • Johnny FPV Test Footage – Function alongside us. We provide you with the resources to color to be an industry specialist.
We’re Perfectionists along with the tones you may Find are refined and perfected within the previous 7 decades, bringing strong and persuasive colors to your job. These color tables aren’t solely restricted to activity cameras! They’ve been Designed to work perfectly with all camera types: Panasonic, DJI drones, Blackmagic, GoPro, RED Digital, Sony, Canon, Nikon, and much more. The LUTs are tested and demonstrated at the maximum degree. They just do the job.

Download  Johnny FPV™ LUTS (PRO Edition) from the below link now!

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