Download Terrasolid Suite 2019 v19 for Bentley Microstation

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Terrasolid Suit  is a handy suite of various software applications for various engineering uses ranging from remote sensing and LIDAR data processing to data mapping, design and analysis. Civil engineers, building designers, managers and planners are all potential users of this product. Most of these apps are designed for Bentley products. These Terrasolid Suite programs add specialized capabilities to the basic features of Bentley products.

Using the capabilities of Terrasolid Suite engineers can increase the speed and accuracy of your work. TerraScan’s Geography and Aerial Mapping agents can easily process, classify, and manipulate LiDAR data. This information will eventually provide a 3D perspective of the geographic area for professionals.

TerraSlave is another program for processing large amounts of data provided by laser scanners. This software, along with the previous one, is the perfect companion for performing heavy scans on computer networks. The application has a simple interface and it is easy to use its various capabilities to perform the heaviest tasks.

TerraPhoto is another software application for processing images collected from mapping operations. This program will create digital and smooth images of mosaic images of wide geographical areas with intelligent compositing and processing. Another useful tool for this TerraMatch toolkit is its use, which can greatly improve the accuracy and quality of the raw images produced by the laser scanner. This program corrects overlapping errors by comparing the overlays in the image obtained from the laser scan and calculating the general areas with the lowest error rate.

Download Terrasolid Suite 2019 v19 for Bentley Microstation

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