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midas Gen / nGen & Drawing / DShop 2019, Midas Design Plus 2019. midas Gen 2019 is a program for designing and analyzing 3D buildings. It is a very capable 3D design program. can be designed for both steel ,Reinforced concrete RC, steel-to-concrete SRC, etc., enables novice and professional engineers to perform structural analysis and design for general and complex structures. analyze the composition Various specialties including modern structural analysis theory for accurate and practical results. with an easy-to-use interface It is one of the best choices for engineers to design and analyze simple and complex structures. with many tools for elemental analysis and give a calculation Efficient and highly accurate analysis.


  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Visual modeling
  • Auxiliary tool for rapid design of trusses, arches, frames
  • Analysis options
  • Detailed analysis by finite element method
  • Processed to make load combinations in accordance with standards
  • Automatic design of partitions such as walls, slabs
  • Used in massive construction projects around the world
  • Design of buildings and steel structures
  • Simple definition of parameters
  • Efficiency and high speed design and computing
  • Complete design of components of metal and concrete structures
  • Peripheral design
  • Ability to design the foundation and footprints of the columns and structural components.

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