Download LuBan 3D 02.08.2021 Full

Download LuBan 3D Full Version, LuBan 3D can automatically generate 3D models in various forms.

This is generative design software that helps designers and makers in the rapid production of their creations. It can automatically generate 3D models in various forms like lithophane, stack, hash, plate, relief, module, and wireframe. The generated model is fabricated by 3D printing, laser cutting, and CNC milling.

It is not dependent on specific fabrication methods. It can interface with many machines through standard file formats like DXF, EPS, OBJ, STL, and SVG. This software is designed to split large print jobs into smaller-sized chunks that make it easy to GIANT prints on a typical (200mm x 200mm) print bed.

Features of LuBan 3D

  • Easy way to make large 3D prints
  • Design eyeglasses frames based on a template image
  • Turn any 2D photo into a 3D printed photo
  • Generate 3D models from a 2D photo
  • Generate 3D models from a 3D model
  • Split large print jobs into smaller sized chunks

Download LuBan 3D 02.08.2021

Size: 8 MB

Box download link:  DOWNLOAD

Decompression pass:  sbz

Installation and activation Instructions

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