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1) Function and Content Enhanced:
– Enhanced: Allow use “Add Bone” function to connected existed bone.

2) Bug Fixed:
– Fixed: Possible program crashes when replacing the G3 character which with Morph Head.
– Fixed: Failed to read the naming of Image Layer from PSD file, which with the same naming.
– Fixed: Possible program crashes when using hotkey to delete “Thigh” bone on G3 character.
– Fixed: Partial Update is disabled when updating Free Bone character from a PSD file.
– Fixed: Image quality degrades when saving or performing undo/redo functions.
– Fixed: Attached button function does not work when the target is a body. Feedback Tracker
– Fixed: Launch to External Editor does not work correctly on Morph-based Head. Feedback Tracker
– Fixed: Inconsistent positioning of the pupils (eyes) between the PSD file and CrazyTalk Animator.
– Know Issue: Character not display completed once the image was separated into multiple parts in psd file.